About Me

My name is Angelique, aka Meisie, a 30-something year old, commercial pilot, who lives in the Netherlands. I'm totally crazy about my cats, I love scuba diving, riding motorcycles, macro photography (specially tiny insects), traveling around the globe and flying, of course! :-)

My passion for polishes started when I was a teenager. I used to do my nails every single day! Really!!! As I was getting older and busier with other stuff, my polishes were kind of left aside. The passion regained life again after following many nail polish/art blogs. It all started with a shoe box filled with polishes and slowly I'm building up my collection. I have now more polish than I can ever count... and yet, it ain't enough... ;-) Some people think it's crazy, others think it's cool.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, you can contact me by email: Meisie at MeisiesNails dot com or simply leave a comment on my blog.
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