Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hello Kitty Halloween 2.0

Hi everyone,

Last year I did my first Halloween mani and the theme was none other than my favorite: Hello Kitty! You can check it here.So this year I had to paint her again, which I did... Not only once, but 4 times!!!

I really love how the HK turned out. But I had 2 small issues: 

1 - I chose a way too dark blue shade for the gradient (Color Club Blue-topia). The black costumes don't really stand out. Too bad!

2 - The orange paint I have didn't really give me the opaqueness I was hoping for. As you can see the pumpkin costume (on my pinky), the dark base color is kind of showing thru the paint. This brings me back to issue #1 above.

Leaving those little issues out, my HK are pretty cute, right?! ;-)

Happy Halloween to all of you!!

Thanks for reading!

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