Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dollish Polish - "Nightmare Before Christmas" Halloween 2012 Collection [PICTURE HEAVY]

Hello my lovely readers!

Today I have some Dollish Polish Halloween polishes to show you! This is the "Nightmare Before Christmas" collection that was released last year. Since last year I was pretty busy and was hardly home, I had no time to swatch this collection back then. So I've bee waiting a whole year for this! So here we go!

First up is This is Halloween. It's a mix of orange, gold, green and black glitters in a clear base. Really perfect for halloween and fall too! The swatch below shows 2 coats of This is Halloween over Orly Black Vinyl.

I'm the Boogieman is a mix of green glitters in a shimmery green base. You could either use it on its own or layer it over another polish. The swatch below shows 2 coats of I'm the Boogieman over Kiko #268, which is a perfect match for I'm the Boogieman's green base. 

What's This? What's This? is an awesome combo of purple, green, orange, white and black glitters in a clear base. This one is very "halloweenie"! I applied 1 coat of What's This? What's This? over Kiko #356.

We're Simply Meant to Be is a mix of blue, gold, lavender, plum and black glitters in a clear base. It's such a unique mix and perfect for layering. The swatch below shows 2 coats of We're Simply Meant to Be over Essie Lapis of Luxury.

Deadly Nightshade is a mix of purple, teal and black glitters in a clear base. This one actually got me confused. All the swatches I've seen on other blogs shows a purple shimmery base, but mine was obviously clear. So I chose to layer it over a purple base polish, and the one I chose was Kiko #301.

Vampire's Coven is a mix of red and plum glitters in a sheer black base. You can apply it on its own, but I chose to apply it over Essie Carry On, which is a deep burgundy purple shade. 

Something's Up With Jack is such a fun polish! It is a mix of purple with black and white squares, bars and hexes. I applied one coat of Something's Up With Jack over OPI A Roll in the Hague.

Spectral Pup is a fine mix of orange hexes and white hexes and squares in a shimmery/iridescent base that glows in the dark! For the swatch below I applied 1 coat of Spectral Pup over OPI My Vampire is Buff. If you want the shimmery base to stand out, then a dark base would be ideal.

Here's a shot of Spectral Pup under UV light. You can see the Glow in the Dark particles in the base lighting up. 

I hope you like these beautiful and fun glitter polishes! Thanks for reading!

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