Monday, August 19, 2013

Penélope Luz - Lucky Fairy

Hi everyone,

look what I have for you today! It's another beauty created by Penélope Luz. If you are not familiar with Penélope Luz, let me explain it to you. Penélope Luz is a Brazilian indie nail polish brand that was created exactly a year ago (August 2012), but it was only recently that I've become acquainted to this brand, thanks to a wonderful lady from Brazil! (Pri, THANK YOU!!!)

So here it is: Lucky Fairy! I must say this picture does not do this polish enough justice... It's so much more sparkly IRL! It's gorgeous!!! For the gradient, I used Catrice Hugo Moss, Kiko #296 and Color Club Twiggie. I must say I was surprised that I did not have any shade of green in between Hugo Moss and #296!!! So this gradient isn't much what I expected. But hey, now I have a new quest: buy more shades of green nail polish!!! ;-)

Now back to PL Lucky Fairy... Look at this bottle shot! It's impossible not to like it, unless you don't like glitter at all... or green.... 

Lucky Fairy is a green jelly base with tons of different sized hexes in green, gold, black and some black squares in between. It's stunning! And it feels pretty smooth on the nails. I only applied 1 coat of INM Out the Door top coat and I'm good to go! 

If you like this Penélope Luz, I'm pretty sure you'll like these 2 others I've swatched before: Sarcasm and Tendresse.

Thanks for reading and 'til next time! XX

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