Monday, July 22, 2013

Hare Polish - Heat Plague

Hi everyone,

look what I have for you today! It's another Hare Polish beauty!

Heat Plague was one of the first 5 Hare Polish I ever bought. Have I ever told you I'm really in love with all Hare Polish I've tried so far?! ;-) Oh wait! I'm pretty sure you know that by now!

Heat Plague is such a pretty and unique polish. It has orange, pink and purple glitter immersed in a murky green jelly base. I applied 3 coats of Heat Plague to get full opacity, which resulted in a mani loaded with glitter. For those who prefer a more subtle looks, you could apply Heat Plague over a dark green base. in this case, only one coat of Heat Plague would suffice.

How do you like all the Hare Polish I've shown you so far? There's more to come! :-D

Thanks for reading!

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