Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Peel Off Base Coat - Easy Glitter Removal

Hello again my lovely readers!

If you follow a bunch of bloggers like I do, you've seen a couple of nice tutorials on how to DIY Peel Off Base Coat. If you haven't seen, then here are 2 great links for you to check:

Peel Off Base Coat For Easy Glitter Polish Removal by Pretty Purple Polish

DIY Peel Off Base Coat - Great For Glitter by Overpolished

I'm not gonna make my own tutorial, I'm just gonna show how this method worked for! The picture below speaks for itself.

The glitter polish came off without any effort and in (almost) one piece! As you can see I had some tip wear, as this is not a normal base coat meant to keep your polish chip-free. But for a full 3 day of wear, I'm more than satisfied! I can finally wear my glitter polishes without the hassle of (foil) removal. Two thumbs up!!!

Have you tried this method? How was your experience?

Have a great day!

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