Saturday, September 1, 2012

Comment Issues

Hi guys,

I was replying to the comments that I received and I noticed a lot of comments are missing. I got several email notifications of comments left on my blog, but I can't find them all. I also noticed I was using an outdated version of IntenseDebate, so I updated it to the new one. Instead of solving the problem, it made it worse! Not only the missing comments are still missing, but also the comment count on the bottom of each post does not show on my homepage.

Previous comments aren't all gone, but in order to comment on my old posts, the readers will have to open the post and then scroll to the bottom on the page. What a hassle!

At least from now on, new posts will display the comment count on the homepage and readers will be able to comment without having to open the post separately.

My apologies if you have commented and you don't see it. I haven't deleted anything, I just can't see/find them, and I won't be able to reply to the missing ones. :( I'm sorry...

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