Monday, September 3, 2012


Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Remember my previous Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise mani? It was pretty on its own but I wanted to give it an extra "oomph"! It was a great opportunity to try some of my other "untried" stuff. So I stamped butterfly wings on my nails using the NailzCraze image plate NC01.

After I had stamped the images on all my nails I realized it would have looked better if I had stamped them the other way (left image on left hand, right image on right hand). Oh well, too late! 

Source: NailzCraze

The images stamped very well. For this mani I used the small butterflies because my nails are shorter now. I still missed some tiny bit of stamping on my tips, so I filled them in with black acrylic paint. Also worth mentioning: if you're going to use the larger images, you will need a jumbo stamper, the normal sized ones won't pick the entire image and you'll have missing spots when you transfer the image to your nails. 

Materials used:
Bootie Babe - Brink of Pink (1 coat)
Rainbow Honey - Pinkie Promise (1 thick coat)
Konad Special Stamping Polish - Black
Acrylic paint - Black and White

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