Wednesday, August 8, 2012

[Review] Lime Crime Les Dessert d'Antoinette Nail Polish Collection

Hi everybody,

I'm very excited to show you some pretty nice nail polishes that I received in the mail the other day. It's Lime Crime's Les Dessert d'Antoinette Nail Polish Collection. The collection comprises 7 highly pigmented pastel shades, inspired by confectionary delights from Marie Antoinette's table.


I don't own a lot of pastel nail polishes mostly because the formula is usually very streaky. But let me tell you something: Les Dessert d'Antoinette polishes are a whole different story! Let me show you!

Starting with Lavendairy, which is a purple lilac pastel shade. It does not dry to a glossy finish but it isn't matte either. It's opaque in just 2 coats.

Next shade is Once in a Blue Mousse, a tiffany pastel with a glossy finish. This one also achieved full opacity in 2 coats. 

Pastelchio is a lime green chartreuse, an absolutely gorgeous shade that falls more into a neon than a pastel. 

Crema de Limon is a pastel yellow that applied like butter! Even though it gets full opacity in just 2 coats, I applied 3 to show its true color. 

Peaches  Cream, a 2-coater bright orange/peach shade. Like Pastelchio, this too is a borderline neon shade. 

Parfait Day is a very pigmented and bright pink that depending on the lighting, it's pretty close to being a neon as well. 

And to complete the collection, Milky Ways, an off-white cream with a hint of peach. A truly amazing and unique color, unlike anything I have in my stash. Like Once in a Blue Mousse, this one also dries to a glossy finish. 

Overall impression

I totally A.D.O.R.E.D this collection! It was about time that a company would introduce highly pigmented pastels with easy application. Some of the shades are more of a bright cream than a pastel though. I had no issues with the formula, although Pastelchio was on the thick side, it still applied like butter. All polishes achieved full opacity in just 2 coats and dried fairly fast. With the exception of Once in a Blue Mousse and Milky Ways, all the others do NOT dry to a glossy finish, which is not a big deal if you apply top coat. 

Les Desserts d'Antoinette can be purchased directly at Lime Crime's website. The polishes can be purchased individually for $5.99 per bottle (9ml/0.3oz) or $39.99 for the entire collection.

These products were sent to me for my honest review.
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