Monday, July 9, 2012

Multi-Colored Fish Eggs

Hello again everybody,

I'm back today with another fish egg manicure. If you recall my last fish egg mani post, I matched the color of the micro beads with my nail polish. This time, I have something more colorful to show you guys.

These beads are so pretty! They're a mix of red, blue, green, silver, gold, pink, black and purple. I bought them from the same etsy shop as the previous ones. 

Here's another closeup so you can see all the beautiful colors in the mix:

I like this fish egg mani just as much as the previous one. I still have some more beads to try. So I'll definitely be coming back with more! Next time I'll try a full mani instead of an accent nail. 

Polish used:
China Glaze Traffic Jam

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