Friday, June 29, 2012

OPI Black Spotted (and gradient again!)

Hello again everybody!

Look at what I have to show you today: it's OPI Black Spotted!!! It's part of the Amazing Spiderman collection and a Sephora France exclusive. It's a very nice polish to work with. It works similarly to the good old crackle polish: you apply over a dry polish and you wait for the effect to form. Only difference is that Spotted doesn't crackle, it forms spots, as the name suggests and as you can see in the pictures. It somehow reminds me of the effect of mixing oil to water, if you know what I mean. :-) I'll let the pictures do the talk here!

The thinner the coat of Black Spotted, the more spots you'll get. And the thicker the coat, the larger and less dense the spots will be. I've read in other blogs that if you apply top coat over Black Spotted it'll peel off. Well, that didn't happen to me. I finished it off with top coat and it stayed on my nails for 4 or 5 days, with no chips and no peeling. I only removed it because I wanted something else on my nails. 

So now, let me show you the "underwear" for Black Spotted: it's gradient once again! ;-)

Polishes used:
Kiko #356 Melon
Kiko #389 Mint Milk
Kiko #333 Brilliant Violet

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