Friday, June 22, 2012

More gradient nails

Hi everyone,

I had to remove 2 blogs from my blogroll as they were hosting malware, which was causing the major browsers to blog access to my blog, as some of you may have noticed lately. But all is well again.

So, like many bloggers amongst us, I have also engaged in the gradient trend. Gradient nails are easy and fun to do, aren't they? Yes, they are! BUT, mistakes can still be made... Just check out what happened to my mani...

Do you see those white rims close to my cuticles? That's the little mistake I was talking about. How did that happen? Well, I wanted the colors to pop, so I first applied a white nail polish on my nails before sponging the green/purple gradient. Nothing seemed wrong until I started cleaning them up. The top layer of sponged polish shrank and started showing the white base. Bummer!

Has anyone else tried to use a white base for sponging and had a successful result? What did I do wrong?

Polishes used:
Misa Heaven White (base color)
Color Club Pucci-licious
Color Club Twiggie
Kiko 230 Sparkle Touch
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