Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Year's Challenge - Week 14: Striped Mani

Hi guys,

for this week's challenge I was inspired by the gorgeous striped nail design by Tartofraises. She's extremely talented and has some awesome tutorials on her YouTube channel. If you don't know her blog or YouTube channel, you should definitely check them out (in French though).

Initially, I thought of doing this design in different shades of pink. I had all selected polishes lined up, ready to be used, but I changed my mind and went for blue. What can I do?! Blue is my favorite color! :-)

This design was fairly easy and not too time consuming. I just wish my glitter striper was more opaque. I had to apply a few layers in order to get "some" opacity, but it resulted in thick stripes. :-( Maybe next time I'll try applying a clear polish or top coat with a striper brush and then sticking some glitter to it. It might work better than my striper. 

Polishes used
Essence Sure Azure
Orly Frisky
Milani Dude Blue
Kiko 336 Blu Elettrico
Essence Twins Chuck
Essence Nail Art Striper More Than Silver

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