Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest blogger: Jackie Clark

Hi everyone, 

I was contacted by Jackie Clark from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance asking me if she could write a guest post at Meisie's Nails. It's the first time I host a guest post on my blog and I hope her words will inspire you all. 

Thank you so much Jackie for your wonderful article!


Feel Beautiful With Powerful Polish
By: Jackie Clark

Each year thousands of women in the United States are diagnosed with cancer. These cancers include, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer and mesothelioma cancer to name a few. While the diagnosis of any type of cancer can be life altering, cancer treatment can be just as difficult.

During cancer treatment such as mesothelioma treatment, a woman should expect her appearance to change. Some changes that cancer treatments can cause include hair loss, weight loss, and changes in skin tone. These changes in appearance can often cause a woman to feel less self confident and beautiful.

Since cancer treatment is physically and emotionally exhausting, it is more important than ever for women to feel confident, beautiful and strong. While seeking support from friends and family and maintaining close relationships can help a woman to feel her best, maintaining her appearance can also help her to maintain her confidence.

Many women enjoy going to the spa or salon with their friends when they are undergoing cancer treatment. Spa or salon trips help them to not only relax and socialize, but also to maintain their appearance. One of the most popular beauty treatments is receiving a manicure.

Manicures are very personalized to each woman because she is able to choose her nail polish color, the length of her nails, the design, and more. Therefore, a woman is able to make her nails look as unique as she is, which will ultimately increase her confidence and help her cope with her diagnosis.

In addition, some women choose to receive manicures in the comfort of their very own home. Often times, women will invite their friends over and will paint each other's nails and socialize. This helps them to bond and share their personal experiences in privacy. This can be especially therapeutic if the cancer patient has a friend with a similar diagnosis.

Ultimately, women with a cancer diagnosis should do whatever makes them feel strong enough to cope with their diagnosis. Manicures are just one of the many ways that women can socialize while helping themselves to feel more confident, beautiful and positive.
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