Monday, December 12, 2011

Let it Snow!

Hi everyone,

I came down with the flu this weekend and haven't slept well since Saturday. This sucks big times! BUT, I spent one of my sleepless nights doing something fun: NAILS!!!! :-)

Even though the snow hasn't showed up around here, I felt like doing something winter/holiday-like, after all, it's december - the holiday season!

I started with a blue gradient. I used China Glaze Millenium as a base, then I dabbed Orly Royal Navy and Zoya Crystal with a sponge over it. To give it a little spark, I dabbed some China Glaze Fairy Dust too.

Next, I stamped some white snow flakes from Bundle Monster image plate BM14 and painted a penguin with some acrylic paints. 

It was my first time using acrylic paints and I must say it was fairly easy to work with it. The macro picture shows all the small imperfections, but they aren't as visible when seen with naked eyes on the nails. :-)


  1. I can't see the imperfections at all! I'm in LUV with your mani!!!!

  2. Your penguin is simply adorable!!!

  3. Beautiful Nails.
    Now followin you. :)


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