Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Friday Night

Hi girls,

I didn't do this mani last Friday night, but last month when I bought OPI Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection. My idea was to do a glitter sandwich, but I loved the sparkle so much that I ended up not doing the sandwich at all. So I used Essence Cool and the Gang for the base (2 coats) and finished it with a coat of OPI Last Friday Night. The picture quality isn't optimal, because I took them with my iPhone.

Two days later I used a matte top coat on it. I just love matte glitters! This is the result: 


  1. Awesome way to wear Last Friday Night, love how great your pics show the colours too

  2. I did the exact same combo the other week and also ended up not finishing the sandwich. The glitter was just too pretty :D

  3. That matte version looks SOOOO awesome <3!

  4. Yes, I definitely love it,especially the matte finish!


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