Friday, September 2, 2011

August Haul

Hi girls,

today I want to share with you my August haul, so be prepared for a big load of bottles! I normally don't buy/get this many bottles in a month. It's just a coincidence that I got them all in the same month! :-) Some were bought by me, others were gifts and giveaway, but most of them came from swaps. So here they come! 
(PS: By no means I'm trying to brag or show off. Please don't get me wrong!)

I got these from Deborah's Giveaway at Love. Varnish, Chocolate and more.... If you are not a follower of her blog yet, go check it out! She has lots of cool swatches and a lovely blog! Thank you  Deborah for this great giveaway! So here's what I got:
  • A very cute panda hand cream from Etude House
  • essence Gagalectric 
  • essence Blue Ray
  • essence Prism@atic White
  • essence Where's the Party
  • Essie Ruby Slippers
I bought these myself when I was in Germany. These were all piled up in a clearance basket for 5€ each (they usually sell for 10 - 13€ each). 
  • Jam n' Jelly
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Knockout Pout
  • French Affair
  • Coat Azure

I got the OPIs for half the original retail price (in Europe). Nicole was original price.
  • Last Friday Night
  • Teenage Dream
  • Nicole Me + Blue

These OPI from the Burlesque Collection were also half the original retail price. I got these from my friend. 
  • Bring on the Bling
  • Show it and Glow it
  • Glow up Already
  • Extra-va-vanganza
BeYu 209 (the nice version of Clarins 230 almost-dupe) and 147

These came all the way from the USA in a swap with Jacqueline ! So many cool polishes!!! I love them all and I can't wait to try them!!! Thank you so much, Jacqueline! :-D

Another great swap with Ju at Lacquered Me. I'm so happy with so many cool polishes!! I have a lot to choose from and I can't wait to try these either!!! Thank you so much, Ju!!! 

Well, that's it! :-P I don't think I'll be buying more polishes any time soon... don't know if I'll be able to, but at least I'll try not to. LOL! 

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