Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zoya Mod Mattes

I was having a lack of creativity the other day, so I went crazy and did a Zoya Mod Mattes skittle. I received these polishes last week in the mail, so it's actually the first time I'm trying them. They were on my wishlist since they were released, but only now I managed to get my hands on them. I first ordered these polishes in june from an ebay seller, but she took my money (and other people's money as well), closed her store and never sent me the polishes.... Pffffff..... Thank goodness there's Paypal Buyer Protection! So I got my money back and ordered the polishes at nailetc.com. So here they are:

Mitzi was very easy to apply, 2 coats only. Phoebe and Lolly were, on the other hand, a pain in the butt to apply. Here I used 4 coats of each but the imperfections are still visible. Overall, I'm very pleased with these polishes. The colors are stunning! These pictures don't do them justice!

And just to make things different, I did some tape mani with Nicole Make a Comet-ment and no top coat added, as I wanted to leave the matte finish untouched.


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