Sunday, June 19, 2011

New goodies from Brazil

Last Friday I got some new polishes in the mail from Brazil. They were sent to me by my mom. They are all from the same brand Sancion Angel, which I had never tried before. So, here they are:

These 4 are metallic crackle polishes all named after volcanoes in pink (Krakatoa), gold (Mauna Loa), red (Etna) and silver (Pinatubo):

I couldn't resist them! The moment I opened the box and saw the polishes, I went all crazy and removed the polish from my nails and tried Krakatoa over Misa Heaven White. 

The polish crackled really well. I had no troubles at all with the application. 

The other 2 polishes I got are flakies!!! YAY!!! I love flakies!!!!!! The left one (Roxie) has a sheer black base with multi-colored flakies and the other one (Mary Poppins) has a clear base with blue flakies. I can't wait to try them!!!

This other one (Venus) speaks for itself: 


  1. aww lovely polishes, the crackle looks so cool and wow the black multicoloured flakie looks amazing, can't wait to see a swatch

  2. wow, lucky you some gorgeous polishes, love the metallic crackle and oh that multicolored flakie looks amazing, cant wait to see a swatch


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