Monday, June 27, 2011

Multi-colored flakies

Last week I showed you a few pictures of the lovely Brazilian polishes I got from my mom. I also showed you that pink crackle polish, which I had tried out the same day I got the polishes. Well, that polish didn't last very long on my nails... Wait! I haven't finished my story... The polish didn't chip or anything... I simply removed it, cuz I'm pretty impatient and I had to try at least one of the other polishes out. This time I opted for flakies. So here it is: Roxie!

I applied one coat of the flakies over my favorite black polish, Orly Liquid Vinyl. The flakies are multi-colored. As you can see (pictures are clickable for higher resolution), the flakies come in blue, green, red and yellow/gold. The polish was very easy to apply and smooth enough with only one coat of Seche Vite. 


  1. This combination is really gorgeous.

  2. Flakiiiiiiiiies!
    OMG! I'm so enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work! ;D

  3. Thank you, Nailderella! It's very sweet of you!


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