Monday, May 9, 2011

Nail Art Foils

I was watching some youtube videos about nail art foils and I found the looks pretty cool and it seemed such an easy and fast way to have your nails done. So, a week ago I ordered some nail art foils from this eBay seller and Glitz Foil Adhesive from another eBay seller and decided to give foils a try.

Here are the foils and the adhesive I ordered:

So many to choose from, so last night I picked the marbly blue foil. First I cut the foil in small pieces (slightly bigger than your nails size) then I applied China Glaze Millenium as a base for the foil. Once dry, I applied a thin coat of the adhesive and waited a few minutes until the adhesive was completely clear. The next step was to stick the foil to the glue and rub it with a cuticle pusher until the foil is all smooth and stuck to your nails. Be careful not to miss any spots! Then, the moment of truth: pull the foil slowly from your nail, and if there's any bald spot, rub the foil back on the nail, and try again. Well, it was all easier said than done! I did not like the way it looked at all... Here's the result:

To me it looks more like a big mess! The result: I removed it all this morning!!!!! 
I won't give up, though. I'll definitely give it another try, cuz I know it can look really nice. 

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