Monday, May 9, 2011


After removing the foil from the previous mani, I couldn't leave my nails "naked"! Since I have some untried Nfu Oh goodies which I got in the beginning of the month, it was time to pick one of them for today: Nfu Oh #39.

I wasn't sure which base color to use, so I played safe and went for black. This black is Orly Liquid Vinyl. Its coverage is amazing! I could have left it with one coat only, but I missed some spots here and there, so I applied 2 coats for a perfect coverage. This polish is so shiny that you can leave it without top coat:

Now it's time for the "moment suprême": the FLAKIES!!! YAY!!! I LOVE FLAKIES!!!

It's greenish when you look at it from above:

And blueish when seen from the sides:

Tomorrow I'll turn them matte! ;-)

EDIT: Here's the mani in matte:


  1. Beautiful black polish <3 And flakies woohoo what's not to love about flakies...sooo pretty.

    (ik ben je nieuwe volger, je hebt een leuk blog meer volgers volgen vanzelf ;))

  2. Ahhhh I need Flakies I only have Joe Fresh Twilight


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